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Case History

Rocky Produce

Rocky Produce expands beyond their home-served market

Rocky Produce is a distributor of fresh produce to retail markets in the Detroit metropolitan area and select outstate cities. Merit's initial meeting with Rocky revealed they had 85% of the market within the Detroit metropolitan area and didn't feel any further marketing would yield a good return on investment. Instead Rocky wanted to address the territory equaling a day's drive from their hub. Market conducted market research to define prospect profiles - national grocery chains, independent grocers, fruit and vegetable chains and individual markets. An approach strategy was defined addressing the national chains along major interstate highways, with successive campaigns addressing the other segments. Rocky Produce had initial 24,000 square feet of cold storage, but within several years increased facility space to 40,000 square feet.

Lebow   Lebow

Lebow Products expands into alternative markets

Lebow Products Inc, is a manufacturer of torque and force sensors for a variety of applications, but focused primarily on the automotive market segment. Lebow engaged Merit to expand into alternative market segments. Following extensive inquiries by Merit lead researcher, the Aerospace market segment proved most promising. Merit's research discovered an FAA ruling requiring aircraft to have additional flight recording data including yaw, pitch and roll controls which Lebow produced for Lear. Merit produced a brochure was produced featuring the Lear application under Lebow Aerospace and distributed for sales presentation. Merit's effort increased brand awareness to aerospace companies and several new programs were awarded from the campaign.

Kar's Kar's Nuts expands new market potential

Kar's Nuts, a provider nut and snack items engaged Merit to guide their marketing activities. Merit performed a study of nut consumption with the majority of information coming from the U.S. department of Agriculture and the University of Georgia. Merit's study revealed an increasing trend in sunflower seed consumption, primarily brought on by baseball players switching from chewing tobacco to the seeds. Based on this research, Merit developed a campaign creating a freestanding cardboard kiosk to hold bags of sunflower seeds, along with an illustration of older boys playing baseball attached to the header. Merit's campaign was very successful, generating substantial retail sales and exceeding overall sales goals.

Red Pelican Mustard

Red Pelican Mustard Improves Market Share through upscale product

Red Pelican Mustard was established in 1923 and became nationally noted for their yellow Salad Mustard in 8oz and 16oz containers. Red Pelican approached Merit because they were not content with their market penetration - though they had sufficient distribution and customer loyalty, they wanted better customers. Research revealed that specialty mustards were establishing a preference in the market, so Merit developed a campaign allowing Red Pelican to capitalize on this trend.

Fleet Equipment Fleet Equipment Magazine wanted greater advertising revenue

Fleet Equipment is a trade magazine focused on managers of corporate trucking fleets. Their concern was that the competition was receiving a greater share of 4/color advertisements then FE and they wanted to find out what was wrong so they could address reader & advertiser concerns. Merit prepared a questionnaire along with a letter from the president and a copy of the magazine mailed to 250 selected prospective and current advertisers. An incentive was added so that a dollar would be contributed for each questionnaire returned. A total of 113 questionnaires were returned and after tabulating responses for each category of the publication - design layout, editorial, rates and business operations it was discovered that sales representation was lacking and most prospects were not being serviced. A concerted reorganization of the sales force was established and soon revenues had risen.

Gewefa USA Gewefa enters Nafta Market

Gewefa GmbH is a precision toolholding manufacturer who won a lucrative contract with the primary contractors for the U.S. joint strike fighter (JSF) project with their hydraulic tool holder. Their U.S. representatives wanted Merit to formally launch the brand to the Nafta marketplace, so a marketing communications program was prepared to address diverse markets and geographies. As a result of the campaign new sales were made and Gewefa has increased its' reputation through the JSF program.

Knight Carbide   Knight Carbide

Knight Carbide Solicits Toolmakers for Partnership Program

Knight Carbide is a manufacturer of tungsten carbide inserts. Knight chose Merit to develop strategies that would expand their partnership with toolmakers, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity of their tooling systems. Merit created a database was created and combed it to a discreet population of 300 companies. Then Merit developed a direct mail campaign was created to presenting the value in precision and cost savings for having Knight Carbide provide their cutting tools. Merit's marketing strategies added an additional 20 toolmakers to the program.


Trijicon wished to expand their scope products into the consumer market

Trijicon is well known for their iron night sights and were well entrenched in military and law enforcement circles for the ACOG & Reflex targeting sights. Trijicon engaged Merit to market their new rifle scope, the Accupoint, to the consumer segment. Merit prepared a comprehensive media plan was prepared to reach mass market publications and high-end hunting publications to increase direct sales and add influence to increase direct sales and add to their distribution network. Merit's plan reviewed 61 consumer publications and narrowed the choice to 21 publications based on circulation, frequency, ad size and color usage, under a budget of $189,400 for the year.

Rosedale Products Rosedale Products learns about media choices

Rosedale Products is a manufacturer of closed-loop filtration systems. Rosedale wanted to be more assertive in the marketplace and budgeted for display advertising but wasn’t sure where to place. A thorough media study was conducted, reviewing more than 50 media resources and their demographics to define the best channels. The study found the traditional venues - publications focused on filtration were very weak to address a broad spectrum of prospects, whereas the tabloid publications serving diverse markets provided greater exposure and higher frequency for less money. A media plan was devised to address the tabloid market and increase reach with less cost.

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